Honest Trailers puts Black Adam through its paces in a hilarious video

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This movie was so bad. New years resolution to not finish bad movies anymore…


Wow, I knew I was meh on this film but damn it looks horrible and not even in a good way. I think I’m too queer for the sort of superhero bullshit DC keeps putting out. There is a level of aggressive bland angry straight gamer that pours out of this bullshit.


Those are my “doing laundry” movies. Bad Movie Sunday is a regular jam I have when I wash/fold clothing and watch all the stuff I’m pretty sure I’ll dislike but garnered a lot of attention.


I lost interest in ALL superhero/comic movies after the first Iron Man and a couple of Batman reboots (Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger are still the best Jokers IMHO). Deadpool was the only recent one I actually found entertaining because it deliberately pokes fun at the genre. Really could not care less about any of the franchises - DC or Marvel at this point. It’s all formulaic pablum now.

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True enough. Unless it’s a Black Adam they take too much concentration…

Look at Mr. Hipster here. :wink:

I still enjoy them. Not all of them, but many. I grew up with comics as a kid and I’ve loved seeing them brought to life, and - at least through the first three phases of Marvel - elevated into something extraordinary. The charm is off a little, but I still look forward to new shows with new characters and hopefully exploring new topics, like the recent Ms. Marvel, which I thought was an interesting exploration of the roots of modern Pakistan and how western influences and traditional cultures can clash, sometimes butting heads, but sometimes fusing into something more interesting and unique.

Edit: but I would be remiss in saying “more power to you in enjoying the things you do, there’s something for everyone these days, or at least until the black hole that is Disney swallows all other entertainment media and light no longer escapes.”


I had reserved hopes for this movie, it featured a less publicly known anti-hero character and even brought in some additionally less well known hero characters to square off against him and the inevitable actual villain. Unfortunately the story just didn’t come together well, there were too many questionable elements that in my opinion led to an uneven tone and less than satisfying film. As usual in this sort of thing, there were fun moments throughout, but the entire thing just didn’t manage to hold together.


Haha…I’m certainly no hipster. Probably the opposite whatever that is called.

No, my main objection to today’s superhero movies is strictly due to the lazy writing, insipid dialogue and copy-cat CGI battles that is so formulaic that there’s an actual step-by-step guide on how to write a Marvel movie (only half jokingly).

There’s simply nothing original anymore about <insert hero/anti-hero origin story here> and all the flashy CGI in the world does not make up for bad writing. Call me old fashioned but I do believe a studio should have to work for my $14.95 ticket.

I had no idea who Black Adam was therefoe no interest in seeing the movie. When did his comic book appearance happen? I was a DC comics junky in my formative years.

He’s the evil predecessor/competitor of “Captain Marvel” from Shazam

I guess re-imagined as an anti-hero?

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