Honestly. People have such dirty minds


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The ol’ Grand Union Canal, so that’s what kids are calling it these days…


This street in Oxford was rife with prostitution in the middle ages, and shows on a 1230 AD map as “Gropecunt Lane


My first impression was that the map reminded me of the planarian diagrams in grade school science books.


The knoberg


There is still a Tickle Cock Bridge.


Is that your Broadwater Lock, or are you just happy to see me?


“Honestly. People have such dirty minds”

And this is a problem, because … ? :wink:


Gropecunt lane was an extremely common street name in England, but the Victorians renamed most of them. They usually used a new designation that includes ‘Grove’ or ‘Grape’ or ‘something Passage’, so traces of the original remain. “Gropecunt” was also Threadneedle Street’s original moniker —which would make the Bank of England’s address much more entertaining … :slight_smile:


So that’s what the kids are calling it these days. :wink:


If they could rename it now, I’m sure Threadneedle Street would become “Back Passage”


What the…where am I?

This doesn’t look like Kansas.


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