Honey Cone's "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show"


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Lip-syncing has come a long way since then.


Um… okay, I guess? I suppose you might think this was something special, if you didn’t grow up during the golden age of TV variety shows.

I wonder if they didn’t intend to call them selves “Honey Comb”, since that would actually make sense, and they found out too late that they had been mis-hearing it all along.


this title was also used by Goodie Mob when Cee-Lo left


The title is that of an an old R&B number by Granville Henry “Sticks” McGhee, later reworked by Joe Tex and covered by many, including The Animals (one of their best songs). Full marks to Sticks for the creative title.

When I was a kid our local ice cream joint used to have a honey flavor, so “honey cone” seems sensible enough to me. (Likewise “honey cup”…)


So how many monkeys does it take to stop a show?


I prefer Redbone’s interpretation of the song.
Sadly got no idea how to embed videos here though…
Simple link must do then:


Those are some cool trousers. They almost make up for the shock of seeing Sonny Bono at the top of the video!


my roommate found this record one summer. we used to play the hell out of it.

the phrase also appears as a lyric in what I regard to be the Roots’ finest song:

she want platinum, ice, and gold
she want a whole lot of somethin’ to fold
if you’re an obstacle
she’ll just drop you cold
'cause one monkey don’t stop no show

I’m relying on memory here but pretty much that.


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Thanks a bunch.
Looks like I accidentally did it right there.
I was actually expecting being coerced to use some confusing syntax…


[quote=“euansmith, post:9, topic:72654, full:true”]
Those are some cool trousers. They almost make up for the shock of seeing Sonny Bono at the top of the video![/quote]
Well, it was his (and Cher’s) show. Generally not very good, but it had 3 redeeming features: (1) Occasionally good music; (2) Terry Garr as a regular cast member; and (3) Steve Martin as one of the writers.


But nobody stops Lancelot Link - Secret Chimp!


They had been singing together for a short while when they were spotted by Eddie Holland in 1969 who had recently left Motown Records along with Brian Holland, and Lamont Dozier to form their own music organization Holland-Dozier-Holland. Holland named the act “Honey Cone” for a favorite flavor of ice cream. At first, group members rejected the name, but Holland prevailed and the ladies soon embraced its distinctiveness. [emphasis added] (source)


I’m guessing it’s still a mistake, and he misheard “honeycomb” ice cream. Not at all implausible, when you recall that The White Stripes’ song 7 Nation Army stems from Jack White’s mishearing the name “Salvation Army”.

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