Did you prefer the Honeycomb spaceship or hideout?


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What is this spaceship Honeycomb?!

I grew up with the hideout and that was all I needed!


Hose spaceship commercials were pretty well animated.
But I don’t remember any of these.


Interesting that the major selling point for that cereal was its size.


i don’t remember the spaceship either! it was the hideout, and it wasn’t animated commercials. it had a jingle, like this one:

or this one:

are these space ship commercials more proof that we’ve slipped into an alternate timeline?


Same here. I was a kid in the 60s/70s, but none of those register.

I’ve got snippets of a Honeycomb jingle running through my head, though.

Honeycomb’s big . . . yeah yeah yeah!
It’s not small . . . no no no!
Honeycomb’s got, a big big bite!
Great big taste and a great big bite!

I like the Hulk animation style. Reminds me of the really early Marvel semi-animated cartoons.


Those children had the faces of adults. * shudder *


I don’t think we had those animated commercials in Canada. Even back then, we were subjected to regional blocking.


Yeah, these are the ones I remember. In fact I think that rock-and-roll “Come to the Honeycomb Hideout!” at the beginning of the second one was an early catchphrase on our playground.



The alliteration of “Honeycomb Hideout” simply can’t be beat.


I’m a big wrestler and I want a big cereal!


What the hell is that, tripe? It looks more like some internal organs I’ve seen thrown away than a honeycomb.


They were popular during the A0’s



I wouldn’t throw it out. It’s good eating, if a bit chewy.


Completely forgot this jingle… and now the ear-worm has eaten my brain. Thanx :grimacing:


Yeah, it’s not Honeycomb if it doesn’t have the jingle. The jingle was the whole point.


Definitely the hideout.


I love how the characters who come to the hideout (how did they find it?) seeking a big cereal are, by the end, experts who tout Honeycomb as part of a complete breakfast.


I also can’t help but be worried about the planets who have been gifted a few boxes of Honeycomb. Can we assume they have the technology to replicate it? Or, after the 3 or 4 boxes are depleted, will they have only the bittersweet (mostly sweet) memory of the cereal with the big bite, that was bigger than their biggest cereal, to be spoken of in legend and song?