Hong Kong bans makeup and masks so facial recognition cameras can identify protesters

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But police officers all hide their identification numbers and wear dark or reflective mask to not be identified for their violence. They also light LED flashing torch on their mask to avoid footage being recorded.
That makes sense.


I suggest a person just hold a large digital camera in front of their face at all times. Block and document at the same time!!!


you don’t have to recognise the cameras you just have to do some intel…

at about 2.20

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Based on what I’ve seen of the HK protesters so far, they’ll come up with some kind of clever workaround to this ban that ends up being even more effective against the facial recognition systems.

Meanwhile, here in the “free” world…

Western neoliberal technocrats may rightly call China “oppressive” when looking at surveillance systems like this, but behind the scenes they see it as a big authoritarian test market.


A police inspector told the South China Morning Post that protesters who could show a doctor’s note attesting to an infectious disease would be exempted from the rule.

I see that as a surprising exemption since the government of Hong Kong has proven that they see ‘freedom of speech’ as an infectious disease.


The HK ban is based on British imperial law. The other countries have passed the laws much more recently. Canadian presstitutes have avoided mentioning this.

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The problem is not so much the mask law, since many/most protests are deemed illegal anyway. So merely participating means the protestors are violating the law. They’re really going to care less about one more violation at that point.

Here’s a graphic explaining the real issue…


I love Hong Kong creativity! Keep it up!


I’d like to note: New York State has an anti-mask law as well. So this shit isn’t completely unknown in the US. I first learned about it when the Occupy Movement was still going on and local events went out of their way to warn people not to attend with a mask on.


Shouldn’t people be doing this in London, too? I hear there are a lot of cameras there, and GCHQ.

So, that means no juggalos either. Got it.

Canada hasn’t banned face coverings; it’s an add-on offense if participating in a riot or other unlawful assembly, like carrying burglary tools during a break-in.

It’s a totally unnecessary Harper law. Wearing a mask while committing a crime was always illegal. As usual, Trudeau has been loudly silent on rolling back any of Harper’s authoritarian moves.

Harper’s intent was the same as China’s, and it leaves far too much grey area in the hands of police, but it’s short of a ban.

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Protesting will never be completely legal. By definition, it is a challenge to those in power, who don’t want to give it up. To me, the sad thing is that the USA and UK are in throes of their own mess and should be helping democracy take root in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. But they are turning a cold shoulder and it’s likely all those fighting for freedom may be Tiananmenned in the near future.

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