Hooray! I’m not the stupidest person at the 2015 Trivia Championships of North America

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Where do we find the J! Simulator?

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As far as I know, it shows up once a year, at TCONA.

Ooph, that sounds hard. My pub trivia team has a great winning record, but we wouldn’t even know where to start there. Add in sports? We’d be finished in one.



After I was on Jeopardy, Jerome Vered drove me around LA giving me the nickel tour, and the amount of just Hollywood trivia he knew was jaw-dropping. Dude’s a legend.

Hey, he gave me that tour too!

And I swear one day I will make TCONA.

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The best reason I’m never gonna be on jeopardy isn’t the fact that I’d get my rear severely handed to me, but I wouldn’t resist doing bad Sean Connery impressions.

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