Hop aboard the "Internet Cruise” — an ancient tutorial on how to use the web

Originally published at: Hop aboard the "Internet Cruise" — an ancient tutorial on how to use the web | Boing Boing

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Have seen this one before, protect your screen from the absolute certainty that you’l shoot coffee/tea out’a your nose laughing your hiney off.


“Internet Cruise” was the original name for Grindr

And like with a modern cruise, there’s a good chance of contracting a virus!

Skimmed through it, and the video looks pretty good. For its day. One thing I noticed is toward the end, it has a notice that if your browser didn’t come with a search engine, then go to at page at mcom.com. That was Mosaic Communications, which was the immediate predecessor to Netscape. I haven’t seen that in ages. (And holy smokes, that site is up… I’m pretty sure that for years, it redirected to netscape’s site.)

I wish I still had access to my ***@slip.net email address.

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