"Love Boat Rejects: Unforgettable Photos Of People On Cruise Ships In The 1990s"


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FUNFACT: most of these people are dead now.


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I still haven’t worked out what the appeal of a cruise is meant to be.


this just confirms that, Love Boat aside, cruises are definitely one of the circles of hell. EDIT: if i ever find a pink jacket like that one man’s, i’ll be a happy, happy man.


This is what happens with retirement homes cost as much or sometimes more than a cruise.


Fixed, thank you!


The title post on the main site calls these “vintage” photos. Are the 1990s really considered “vintage” era now? Oh God I’m old.

Edit: also, some of these look like they could easily have been taken from the 60’s or 70’s.


Not Steve Ballmer. Then again, he’s a vampire.


DFW provides a porthole into the 1990s cruise ship scene.


Only thing I’ve read by him so far (in A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again), and it sums up why I’ve never had any interest in taking a cruise.

Way, way too much norovirus goes around on those ships.


The appeal of a cruise is being at sea surrounded with better-off peers, a staff of domestic servants, and millions worth of equipment designed to eliminate any notion of being at sea.


Let’s not forget a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bond with strangers by sharing a virus and puking with them.


The guy before the jump…is that Norman Reedus’ grandpa?


I have been mildly interested in taking a rehoming (or whatever you call it) cruise. Where the boat is between cruises and has a 2 to 3 day trip to the next starting point. I know they do Seattle to LA often, cheap, no shows, for a weekend of quiet and viewing the sea it sounds like a nice deal. But a proper cruise, no thanks do not want.


Ah, I knew this sounded familiar. Didn’t I suggest this for the book club?

My parents have done a few ‘cruises’, but on small boats - not sure of numbers, 20 people or so? Up the Amazon, around a few Greek islands. They sound like an excuse for retired middle class Brits to drink lots of wine, mostly. I’m pretty sure the Greek one’s sister ship sank a few years ago but my google-fu is failing me.

They did a bigger cruise from Vancouver up to Skagway once, don’t think they enjoyed the experience much.


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