The .cm typosquatters accidentally exposed their logs, revealing the incredible scale of typojacking


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Evolution is the solution:




ctrl+enter is your friend


It constantly amazes me how primative and “wild west” the web still feels, 20+ years after it became useful. How is it that this kind of bullshit behavior is still profitable somehow, after all this time?

Boingboing constantly brings to my attention the efforts being made to make the web even worse, even more “wild west”-"which generates the impression that this is the best we can ever hope for, and any attempt to civilize it further is only likely to concentrate power in untrustworthy hands.

I guess the grownup conversation I’d rather be having, is what would effective web policing look like, assuming a reliable responsive authority could be created to carry such measures out?

It resembles the debate around American policing, with gun nerds saying we all need to go armed, never mind what cops do. Only in this case it’s computer nerds saying we all need to take individual responsibility for our own internet safety, (here’s another opportunity to show off how smart and security conscious I am) and let’s just not worry about protecting people less tech-savvy than ourselves.


You know what, tho? You’re gonna miss that “wild west” after it’s gone.


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