Horace and Pete

Kind of surprised “Horace and Pete” was not mentioned here yet.

I can’t remember the last time a show left me feeling so confused, happy, sad and depressed. The racist bit by Alan Alda totally threw me off guard, how could Louis make hawkeye say that.

The bit about trump was pure awesomeness.

I find it amazing that Louis managed to launch this show independently, super impressive.

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I’ve watched the first two episodes and I’m… Well, I don’t know.

I loooove the slow paced, almost Play or theater style they have filmed. And the conversations really have room to breathe. I do hope that subsequent episodes are a tad tighter, but feck dude this is raw TV. So I can’t fault that :slight_smile:

Oh, and Jessica lange is my girlfriend, damnit.

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I am jealous of your Pendant, @sam


OOOPS … I searched for “Horace and Pete”

I needs that pendant :slight_smile:


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