Horse (car) unable to "Charge!" (drive) through deeply-flooded road


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I once did the exact same thing in Scotland, but managed to float the rental car across. I kept seeing cars coming from the other direction leading up to the flooded area, so I surmised, “it can’t be too deep, others are getting through”.

It was only later that I realized all the cars I saw were land rover’s with snorkels.


Obligatory: Monty Python “Run away!”


That was driving in Florida for me. “Oh, a puddle…”

Then the belts slip and the car overheats.


That other car at ~:30 was like:


If the road has curb and gutter, and the water overtops the curb, it’s a very good indication that the water is probably too deep. If no curb, don’t even try it unless you have that snorkel.


And if you are fifty miles away from a town on a one lane country road, and a river jumped it’s banks…

Well, I will leave the rest as an exercise for the reader.


Never done that with a car, but I have gone walking through the flooded fields at home, before belated remembering that somewhere in the field was where the river ran.


"Might have fucked up a bit…"
Understatement of the month.


It wasn’t that deep. If he’d gone in at a sensible speed (to avoid the big splash), and kept up a constant speed (about fast walking pace) to keep the bow wave just in front of the car it would have been fine.
Source: there’s a lot of fords round where I grew up, and if you can’t drive through 30cm of water then you’ll have a longer drive home.


Hmm. “Charge!” usually works. I’m surprised.


when you come across this sort of thing at night it can be anywhere
I don’t see technology making any go round


after math…

how do you wake a snoring person…
you hit them with a schnorchel


“Oh Shit!”

Final words of many a bad idea…


Needed an electric car. They charge a lot better.


I love how quickly that “Charge!” transitioned to “Bad choice! Bad Choice!” Acknowledging that feels very British. I feel like Americans would largely respond by getting angry at the water (and then trying to shoot it).


That’s why you always keep paddles in your emergency kit.


You won’t believe what happens next!


Water to the right of them
Water to the left of them
Water in front of them
Splash’d and rippel’d
Boldly drove with a downshift
Meekly they they said, "oh…
… shit"
Into an English puddle
Into a bit of a muddle
Drove the unprepared


I’ve always wanted to get a car camera. However, I am deathly afraid that getting one will bring about an event worthy of being filmed.