Hose clamps are a billion-dollar business


Greater China? Does that mean… Mongolia?

I was thinking this was going to be an article about people clamping your hoses and then shaking you down for a fee to remove the clamps.

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And I read it as, “Hose-clamping a billion dollar business”, like, you’re hemmoraging money, and here’s how one group plugged the wound.

If it works with cars…

my favorite type are ear-clamp type, oetiker type. i worked for a swedish company that only used those. it gave me enough time to actually get used to applying them with the crimping tool & the proper technique required for doing so. once you get that down they are awesome, you can apply them in very tight spaces with little hand movement required to ‘set’ them. also for practical purposes they’re thinner and easier to cut off in real life situations, and you could apply them with random pliers if you were good enough


Oooooo. . . “Jubilee Clip” sounds so festive!

Wonder what the guys at Home Depot would say if I asked where their Jubilee Clips were.

literally clamped one down this morning.

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In the UK “hose clamp” could mean a variety of different products, but a Jubilee clip is specifically the type with a worm drive.

edit, like this type, which are an absolute pain to use:

Here’s a Cool Tools writeup about a device that makes hose clamps in-place from wire.

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