Hurray for hose bib extenders


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You could have installed a timer & drip system and never carried a can again.


That looks very handy! Just beware that the leader hose will eventually rot and burst, wasting a few thousand gallons of water if you leave the wall valve open. A washing machine supply hose would be rated for this high-pressure service.


That does look useful, but if you are living in an area that can experience freezing tempuratures, make sure to dissconnect and drain your hose bibb.

Freezing and then thawing hose bibs can spell disaster if the ice splits the body of the fixture inside the wall.

Same goes for hose splitters with individual shut off valves.

I have fixed many an expensive frost-free hose bib that was rendered inoperable because the maintenance person forgot to disconnect the hose or splitter for the winter.


What if our neighbor’s spigot is more than six feet away? Am I a bad neighbor?



What is a bib and how does it differ from a faucet?


I don’t know that there is a difference, you can refer to a hose bib as an outdoor faucet, or sill cock if you want to be risque.

Also, wall hydrant :slight_smile:

Next time you go to Home Depot, see how many of these you can use to confuse and annoy the helpful staff.


My favorite related term is “petcock,” but those generally seem to exclude the water-faucet variety of valve.


That term could get confusing if you are installing one for a rooster farm.


Well, there’s also stopcock. (Not actually a chastity belt.)


My Dutch buddy has lived in the US for thirty years and he still says “kraan.” Sometimes I want to klap him.


Or a shuttlecock.


You can connect a standard threaded hose fitting to a hose bib.

Many faucets are not hose bibs.


(Also, not all bibs are hose bibs. A bib is any faucet with a downward-pointing spout, saith the OED. Bibs with hose-fitting threads are hose bibs.)


I live in the same LA neighborhood/microclimate as Mark. In the 17 years I’ve been here, we’ve had frost maybe… a dozen times?.

Two or three times some years, none at all most years.

Only one freeze that really killed much of anything. (Who knew oleanders were frost-tender? Half our freeway berms were screened with 'em!)

But freezing pipes isn’t really a thing here. (-:



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