House Dems release Lev Parnas's handwritten notes about the Ukraine scandal ahead of impeachment trial

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Or a nothingborscht.



…with apologies to Neal Stephenson…


Thug Life


The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight - but I don’t doubt they were planning to shoot.


Yeah, the most insulting thing to me about these wannabe oligarch foot soldiers is that even if they were out to get me, I know they wouldn’t be able to spell my goddamn name right.


I have been contacting my Senator for Ohio concerning Trump’s impending trial. I have been asking him to be an American instead of a republican. Mistakenly thinking that reason and clarity would help. Here’s his response.

" Thank you for taking the time to contact me to express your opinion about President Donald Trump. It’s good to hear from you.
Ultimately, we all want our country to succeed. To bring about that success, I believe that I have a responsibility to be an independent voice for Ohio.
I have supported efforts by the Trump Administration to strengthen our military, reform our tax code, create more jobs, reduce unnecessary regulation , combat the growing drug addiction epidemic, secure our border, and modernize our trade ties with Canada and Mexico. I applauded President Trump’s choices of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to serve as Supreme Court Justices, and I have supported the Administration’s efforts to defeat ISIS, denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and negotiate a stronger and more comprehensive agreement with Iran.

However, there are also times when I disagree with the President. For example, I voted against President Trump’s national emergency declaration regarding the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, which would have threatened the system of checks and balances and set a concerning precedent by allowing presidential national emergency powers to circumvent Congressional authority to allocate federal funding. I also disagreed with President Trump’s decision to quickly withdraw troops from northern Syria, which sent the wrong message to our allies and further destabilized the region.
Regarding impeachment, the Senate has the sole power to evaluate the case that has been presented by the House of Representatives. I will faithfully perform my duty and listen to all the facts of the case. However, based on what has been presented thus far, there is nothing that rises to the level of removing of a duly elected president from office.
Our country faces serious challenges, including an epidemic of drug addiction and our growing national security threats. To solve these problems, we need to come together to deliver results and make a real difference in the lives of Ohioans and all Americans. With more than 40 bills signed into law, I have a track record of successfully standing up for Ohio and I look forward to continuing to be an independent voice for you in the U.S. Senate.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact my office. For more information you can visit my website at Please keep in touch.


Rob Portman
U.S. Senator


In other words, there is nothing anyone is going to say or do that will changes this asshole’s mind.


Vote him out.

That should do it.


I’ve been trying, unfortunately, the Good Folk of Ohio™ keep pushing in the other direction. Witness the recent legislation =


Note to self, remember to do crimes.


Frankly anyone who says they supported the Trump Administration’s “Tax reform” is dead to me.

That tax plan amounted to massive theft from all working people in order to give the president more money for ivory backscratchers.


“They are willing to help if we/you would like a price. Guess you can do anything in Ukraine with money. . . what I was told.” . . . “It’s confirmed we have a person inside.” – Robert F. Hyde

uh huh.

At this point even if they produced texts that said “we’re going to shoot her tonight” and then she got shot there would be plenty of GOP excuses and explanations that would sufficiently diffuse the obvious crime for their true believers.


“What do you call a smoking smocking gun when it’s handwritten notes and text messages?”



Raven actually had much better impulse control than that guy.


Nothingberder 'round these parts.


A blatant murder plot against a US ambassador should be getting more attention. Now I finally get the references she made about her life being in danger, but if these plots were known, how were some of the conspirators still walking around in the US?


Or better yet we all now know what 45 meant when he said “she’s going to be going through some things”. Damn if they weren’t at least going to put a beat down on her. She can’t be thankful enough that this info must have leaked to the intel community and they took it seriously enough to get her out ASAP.


“Taking her out,” has to be out of office, given the scenario. The death of a US ambassador would be pointlessly kicking a hornet nest. A huge investigation would be launched by the state dept and CIA.

I can’t stand Rob Portman.

He was against gay rights until they affected his family personally, and then he grudgingly changed his mind. Because he grudgingly changed his mind instead of doubling down, he was hailed as a moderate.

Pay him shitloads of money. That’s the only thing US Senators listen to.