Houston's Beer Can House, photographed by a Boing Boing reader


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I do not think that first link goes where you think it does… then again maybe it is some obscure connection or some bug with safari.

The link to the flicker page resolves to:

The actual link seems to conflate two links.
oh and it should end up:

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Yes! I visited The Orange Show years ago, on a cross-country road trip! The creator had already passed away, but it was still a wonderful monument to madness. The beer cans are only the beginning of the awesome.

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The noise must be kinda annoying when the wind picks up.

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Does this have anything to do with Houston not having any zoning laws? (At least, for many years it did not…)


Peacen1k and Gyrofrog: yes and yes. We like few zoning restrictions in Houston. Occasionally this means we put up with annoying neighbors, but we also get amazing stuff like this. Other communities have different priorities, and that’s fine.

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I grew up just about a mile away from the beer can house. In the 60s and 70s, it was a relatively poor neighborhood so perhaps they were more willing to live and let live than people are nowadays.

I must say, the beer cans are heavily faded now; you have to imagine them in their original brilliant colors!

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Thanks for pointing that out – the link doesn’t work for me, either. (I tried opening it via Chrome and from my phone.) I wonder if someone from Boing Boing can change the URL in this post?

@scalveg Good points!

@Peacen1k I’ve been on the property on days when there was little wind. In light wind, the clinking together of the metal strands makes a rather nice sound. While I was there yesterday, I recorded several seconds’ worth of video of sound made by the front “curtain” moving in the breeze. If I could post the video in my reply, I would. :smile:

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