How big a vortex can LEGO motors generate?

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Once again proving that propellers are less visually satisfying on digital film.

Also, how much of the vortex equation depends on the size of the container? If a James Bond villain wanted to make an ocean vortex, would it be nearly impossible to make a decent one due to the lack of container walls? Assuming there was adequate power and size of the propeller, given every Bond villain’s unlimited resources.

OSHA just called. They have some questions.

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I think in this instance they increased the shutter speed to give a sharper image and less motion blur.
You saw the same them things being done in action films as early as the 90’s which I doubt were shot in digital.

I agree that things like the “rolling shutter” effect are one of the negatives to digital. You can compensate a lot for motion blur with a good enough camera and an understanding of the physics involved.

Now not do diverge too far from the topic… Water is heavy, you just need lots of torque to move it. Besides even a small motor will take short burst of very high power, the key being short. Even as engineered as the motors used in the Tesla Model S P100D, I’m not sure they could stand up to continuous ludicrous mode for long (think of an indy car application.)

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