How Biolite designed its tiny LED lantern

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I hope the push button requires a bit of force. I’m getting tired of packable, battery powered items that have easy to turn on push buttons - from my packed electric tooth brush turning itself on and making it seem like I’ve got a vibrator in my back pack, to my USB battery losing charge because the flashlight turned on. Poorly thought out UI for portables almost seems to be the rule…


If the vendors at least based it on arduino and published the sources, we could have alternative firmwares that iron out the worst kinks. (E.g. doubleclick or tripleclick to turn the thing on, etc…)

Would work with other embedded architectures but these have fewer coders out there…

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Well, there was this successful kickstarter:

It was close to something I’d actually want, but a bit too large and spendy. Programmable tail cap switch and accelerometer (just because he could).


Pak LIte

80 hours bright, 1200 hours low power, sticks on top of a 9 V battery.


Not seeing the “Bio” part of this biolight.

Not seeing the use case.

Yeah I’m having trouble seeing the use case too. It seems to fulfill the jobs of none of the items in their “overlap” chart well. I’m all for the thoughtful design though, there’s far too much crappy design in the flashlight world.

And personally I no longer buy lights that don’t use 18650 batteries. So cheap even for top of the lines models like these, so you can just carry extras:

This headlamp gives me joy every time I use it:

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To be fair though I guess you could always use an external cellphone charging pack for that Biolite and other lights without replaceable batteries. I’ve been using these things for everything, so handy, and interestingly are powered by those same 18650 batteries if you open them up:

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