How Boing Boing handles customer service on our Facebook page


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The turtle quote was a nice touch.


Here was me thinking that any negative feedback was just ignored…


As a regular commenter here I’d like to second that: thank you all of you for not being dicks. So I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t put my pants back on just yet.


Wait, were we supposed to be wearing pants all this time??


I’m just thinking about all my painful experiences working with asshole customers in the past, and I only have one question:

How do I get a job working for BoingBoing?

Okay, make that two questions:

Would I have to wear pants?


This is an excellent site for comparative studies between having a dick and being a dick. Now there’s a Venn diagram challenge that could only be solved with a gif.


Coincidentally, I’m not wearing pants


For shame!

I’m wearing a painted on pants-like substance.


CSR isn’t what it used to be America…

[yes that is me snickering]


Wait? What? For a GIF, it only makes sense if it either or both criteria vary with time… I can’t speak for all Penis Possessors out there, but my personal experience is that I can pretty much predict the quantity of dicks that will be in my pants at any given moment.



ahhhhh heee


I could do this job!! Let me role play as an application to be your servant-ant-man.

A: I can’t believe you publish this clickhole type of article on your tubes! I am giving you one more chance before I defect to buzzfudd forever. This is serious!

B: (this is me). I appreciate your attention to detail, but can I tell you a secret?

A: okay, sure

B: well, it is embarrassing to admit, but we wrote this clickhole-esque article… So we could engage with you specifically!

See, we knew you were out there, but we didn’t know how to contact you!

A: really…?

B: yes, really (mines Big Data in the background) Jeff Jeffty Jeff. But here is what we really need from you.

A: okay, I’m listening

B: well, we don’t really know which articles are good. So can you distribute them to your friends, talk about them extensively on twitter, and give likes to little ol us?

A: I… I guess I can do that.

B: thank you Jeff Jeffty Jeff, your participation is our only hope.

Do I get the job!?


Ahh but not all of us that have dicks are dicks, except sometimes, and sometimes people who never have dicks can still be dicks! Dickhood is confusing, and some people are confused by hooded dicks.

Maybe instead of a Venn Diagram giffed this would be better served with 2 pie charts laid atop one another and spun, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise.


Forget an extra editor: BoingBoing needs to appoint a ‘Pants-Jesus’ whose can wear multiple simultaneous pairs of pants to redeem the sinners reading this site whilst wearing none


Oh yes that store that caters to shy strippers! “Now you don’t see it, now you still don’t see it!”


I found exchange very interesting. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.


Just what exactly are these “pants” that everyone is on about?


You don’t have to wear pants, but they are going to pay you in one dollar bills.


Where’s the coincidence? We’ve all read the TOS.

Lose the pants, or opt out.