How Captain Harlock changed anime

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Never saw the Anime, but I did see the comics advertised in the Eternity Robotech II comics I read. If they were like the Robotech ones, they were American made comics that were a continuation of the anime stories.

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I don’t think I’ll ever get used to calling him Harlock.


Saw it in France in the early 1980ies. The highlight of this particular student exchange.

All I’ve seen of Harlock is Arcadia of My Youth, which I’m now understanding is not an appropriate representation of the character and his ethos. Looks like I’ve missed out and need to try to prioritize watching the series.

I’ve only seen the Harlock Saga OVA, which I recall primarily as dull and pretentious. But perhaps it is not representative either.

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… it’s all just terribly, terribly emo

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