How chocolate chip cookies were invented


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That’s not a cookie, it’s a wad of unbaked dough. Ugh.

Cookie Dough, the sushi of the dessert world. mmmmmm Salmonella…

(Edit to correct “desert” to “dessert”. Well played @Boundegar, Well played)


(Dune… Arrakis… dessert planet…)

I know people eat the stuff. Doesn’t mean I have to approve. Yuk.

(Then I shall make Dune be a dessert planet made of spice cake.)

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[T]he treats that Wakefield first made at the inn, which she and her husband, Kenneth, owned, were so tiny, that a single cookie — the size of a quarter — was not quite a bite…. the tinier versions turn out quite crunchy…

Sounds a bit like Famous Amos cookies.

I think it’s important for people to see where their food comes from. If you’re disgusted, don’t eat chocolate chip cookies.


Now, is this the invention of the chocolate chip cookie, or the invention of the chocolate chip cookie recipe? I remember reading that recipes themselves were a rather modern invention because “standard” weights and measures weren’t around.

…oh, looks like the influential standardizers of recipes for households were Brits from the mid-1800s. Carry-on.

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Not quite. We have recipes at least as far back as Marcus Gaius Apicius from ancient Rome, Antique Roman Dishes - Collection.

And yes, if was harder to standardize weights and measures back in the day, but that is part of why professional bakeries use ratios (aka baker’s percentages). You can scale a recipe to any measurement that way. It wasn’t perfect- no standardized yeasts and such but it was doable.

I only object to the uncooked dough which, if bought ready-made, says very clearly on the label, “DO NOT EAT.”

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