How curly fries are cut


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spiralizer and skinner in one


Now do waffle fries!


It takes a whole potato to make a single curly fry?!!? There are children starving in Africa!


I love me some curly fries. Jack-in-the-Box has them. I think maybe Arby’s too? Who else?


Checkers. Roy rogers.

The entire state of New Jersey. Curly fries are their state bird.


That strip of skin that never gets peeled will haunt my dreams tonight.


Arby’s and Jack do “Seasoned” curly fries. If you want plain fries, your best bet is a carnival or fair. A lot of them have a power drill attached to the cutter for speed and entertainment value. They also do what’s essentially a continuous ribbon that gets fried like a giant potato chip.




Next could you machine some curly fries on a lathe?


Paging @Wanderfound !!!



Roy Rogers restaurants still exist?!


can you add a spoiler tag next time, i liked the mystery :wink:


As far as I know only on the New Jersey Turnpike. Though they’re slowly being replaced by Popeye’s Chicken.

The curly fries come in a wearable holster.

The food besides the curly fries is terrible.


Don’t fret; the whole outer potato is thrown away anyway. There’s really no point in peeling any of it.


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