Fry Roulette is a new game to eat fried foods with friends


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The loser gets Ketchup…


So, each friend gets their own wheel, right? Because sharing a feast like that has been known to end friendships.


six types of deep-fried potato products

Sweet “potatoes” aren’t actually potatoes. Also, they’re gross.


Heart attack in five… four… three…


Needs an East Coast version, with things like cod or calamari.


That was my first thought, too. The loser dies first.


And somebody is going to double dip.


Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect another bite.


I was imagining somewhere under the batter is a single ghost pepper…


It is sad to have no sense of taste. I feel for you.


Oh, so it’s not like the parlor game of Gum Roulette where you pass around a box of Chiclets, and one of them is a Feenamint


Cod, hmmm…


Evil! Evil! Impolite and Evil!

Scene from Kids in the Hall, Episode 2.22 Simon and Hecubus,
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This is what 'going viral' looks like

Chicken wings, perch, calamari, sauerkraut pierogi, cheese curds, and hash browns. With carrot and celery sticks to divide the fried foods.

Dips include Frank’s Red Hot, marinara, gravy, and blue cheese dressing.


Fish-sticks and custard; yum.


Is there any way to further gamify this by crossing it with one of these?


The real loser(s) of this game? IBS sufferers.


The losers are the ones who think that this is fun, or edible.

Onion rings though…


My mother taught me not to play games with my food.