How dangerous is it to swim to Cuba without a protective shark cage




Considering the sheer badassery of the swimmer in question I’d be more concerned for the shark.


IIRC Nyad’s previous failed attempts were foiled more by jellyfish than sharks.


I’d never thought of the Caribbean as being a place where you’d find a lot of sharks, but in Cuba in April one afternoon I watched a large (8-10’) shark swim right up to the beach before arcing back out to sea. I was really excited just to see a shark, and figured this would be a regular occurrence but was disappointed that he never came back.
I’ve since read that Cuba has had a relatively high number of shark attacks in the last few decades, along with Florida.

The issue with the shark cage, Nyad said on CBC radio last night, wasn’t so much the danger (which is fairly negligible) but that the cage not only reduces drag but actually helps pull the swimmer along.


More like she needed a jellyfish proof cage, but hey, sharks are more ominous sounding then a jellyfish man-of-war.

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‘Cnidocysts : in 3-D!’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

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Chihuahua skeleton made from typewriter parts

No. No it does not.

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Yeah, you’re totally right. I can’t make it work. :wink:

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Oh Holz, your barbs are stingingly humourous.

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I see what you did there. Nice!

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Hosh, its nothing 10,000 Cubans haven’t tried unoffically over the past decade in reverse course.

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