How documentarian Louis Theroux asks questions

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Do people like this guy? Really? He twigs my psychopath fleefleeflee response. I would never talk with this guy or be alone in a room with him, he seriously freaks me out


To whom do you refer? Mr Holligner or his subject, the Rue?1

1) Well, that's how he says it. Can't work out if he's implying a relationship with Danny La Rue or if he thinks Louis is a roué.
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Theroux. I cannot stand him, he creeps me out so bad…

Could be worse (Thuh-Rowx)

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I could see how someone could be creeped out by Theroux’s interviewer persona. I’m not, but it can be emotionally draining to watch due to the whole “awful people miseducating a friendly naive person” dynamic even if I know what’s really happening.

But you seem to actually think that your first impression is literally correct? Is that right? Would you never talk to this guy because you actually think he’s dangerous? Because that’s obviously wrong, given how many trustworthy people know him and have worked with him. It’s obvious that his technique for interviewing dangerous people has caused your psycho-dar to misfire right?

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I have no idea if he’s dangerous or not, probably not, but he twigs my psychopath radar like crazy. I would not want to be alone with him, no. Do I actually think he’s a psychopath? I have no idea, I doubt it, but he’s amazingly manipulative while also very smart, and thats whats probably triggering it.


Theroux’s true inspiration:


I honestly felt I should comment on Hollinger’s strangely abstracting and self-promotional anime-ish cartoon self promotion. It’s like, hmmmmm, who is your audience?

Cartoon “avatars” are interesting things. They seem to be self-deprecating caricatures, but they’re often idealized selves.

I want more Jon Ronson, the ORIGINAL Louis Theroux. (Though they have apparently made peace).

He’s one of my favorite journalists. I’ve seen most of his stuff. He’s extremely talented, and even if he was a sociopath (and just “doing right” because it was the path of least resistance), he clearly has a well defined sense of right and wrong. The guy is insanely good at disarming his subjects and - maybe once a day - asking an insanely incisive question that cuts right through their bullshit. The way he cuts people down is completely fair, and I think your comment isn’t.

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As a psychologist I try to employ many of the interviewing techniques described in this video. These techniques appear to be universal to people who interview others, regardless of the context. There are some journalists whom I really respect and would hope to emulate for their interviewing technique. There are others that drive me crazy with their long-winded closed questions and suppositions of the answer they’re going to receive. It’s an art that can take a long time to develop and I’m sure I have much more to learn.


I agree, he weirds me out. If he’d interview me, I think I would clam up.

Part of what makes me watch shows with him is the slow unfolding of the horror that is interview style. It’s creepy as hell.

The other part is that he quite often interviews people on interesting subjects.

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Couldn’t watch more than a few minutes, due to the weird-ass accent of the narrator.
What is he trying to be…?

Speaking of journalists who don’t deserve respect, this guy is so bad, googling “creepy dateline guy” resolves to him:

                                      Stone Phillips x Vincent Price2= Keith Morrison

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