How Fox News controls the conversation at every midterm election

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Every Western country is now plagued by power-seeking fascists to one degree or another. That degree is altered dramatically and for the worse by the presence and power of the Murdoch press in the country.

Other outlets in the U.S. could counter the manipulative tactic described here with no collusion on their part. That they fall for it every time is a choice driven by greed and fear and laziness.



This is precisely how I’ve always felt about 24-hour news coverage. No network can afford to create 24 hours of original news content every day without repeating themselves, so they feature the same fifteen minutes of news every half-hour each day. Hearing about it 48 times each day makes anything tragic feel like it’s happening in your vicinity ALL THE TIME - instead of once, halfway across the continent. We had a much more rational grasp of national news when you only heard about it twice a day for half an hour.



That was the original concept of CNN Headline news: tune in any half-hour on the half hour and get 30 minutes live on the latest national and international news events. It was (relatively speaking given the low quality of all TV news) actually a useful format, so of course in 2001 they completely abandoned it to talking head shows and re-runs of true crime documentaries.


The GQP in its present form is downright evil clear and present danger to our democratic republic and the Democratic Party still can’t message their way out of a wet paper bag.


Individual Dem candidates have been doing a bit better, but yes, the party organisation has dropped the ball in that regard again.


If only the (legitimate) media spent more time slamming fake news media, instead of being sucked into their games, the fight for democracy and against fascism might make more progress.

Well, if Fox News says “No other news outlet is covering this” they are either provably wrong or the news is not news worthy.

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