How frequently do Skittles packs contain an identical payload?

“In a set of N bags, how likely is it that any two bags have the same combination of skittles in them?”

Like the “birthday paradox”?

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It makes me sad that grape flavour is greater than average since it is undeniably and objectively the worst flavour of them all.


ᴡᴀɪᴛ… ᴡʜᴜᴛ?


Next up…counting toothpicks. Just how many are in a box? And how many should you put in a toothpick holder to maximize your toothpicks.
And what type and style of toothpick holder should you have?
And let’s not forget the Stars/Moon distribution in bag of Lucky Charms.

And what about WIlma and Betty in a Flintstone Vitamin bottle? We need answers and we need answers fast.

You’re missing out on an even better question.

How many times do people leave comments in comment threads that have the exact same number of "a"s in them?

That’s way more interesting than finding the Stars/Moon distribution in bags of Lucky Charms.

It probably happens more often than people realize, and it’s the kind of sample distribution that the average average hobbyist wouldn’t even think of.

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I had a similar impression: if Skittles packs contain a ‘payload’ I can’t really shake the impression that Skittles must therefore be ‘heterogeneous composition confectionary submunutitions*’ or something.

*Wrigley™ mission modules contain a stochastically determined gustatory stimulus distribution and are sold by weight not by volume, contents may settle during shipping, consult your Mars Inc. authorized systems integrator for the customized payload configurations, expanded temperature range; and rad-hard confectionary submunition solutions that meet your demanding application’s requirements.


I had a lackey weigh my gold skittles and they were the heaviest. Huuugely the heaviest.

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Whatever tickles their skittle.

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So, a kilogram of the gold Skittles were heavier that a kilogram of, say the green ones? Impressive.

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Tch! Now you’re just being silly. I get fewer gold ones to the kilo than I do silver ones. I have no idea what these 'green ones" of which you speak could be.

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