Great moments in pedantry: Double Stuf Oreos not actually double stuffed


Is nothing sacred?

Are we talking double the stuff by weight, or volume. Seems to me the volume is quite possibly double, but the double stuffed are much creamier. I’m guessing that means the filling is whipped with much more air. The regular stuffed seem stiffer. Devil. Details. Have the methods been posted for peer review?

I have officially used up all my Oreo allotted brain cycles.


The measurements were by weight, so maybe Nabisco is avoiding a lie because they measure by volume.

Either way, it’s an embarrassment for them.

The teacher has a follow-up post, doing another test with some more cookies:

I’m still not convinced with his methodology, do we know if the wafers are all the same size for all types of Oreos? He doesn’t seem to split out Double Stuf or Mega Stuf wafers and weigh them separately, but rather weighs them all together. This calls for more science!


I’m still waiting for the study to determine how much more ice cream is in a FatBoy compared with a regular ice cream sandwich.

My dad turned 80 yesterday and told me that he still eats four regular-sized Oreos a day. He says that he can stop at two when eating other kinds of cookies but when he eats Oreos he has to have four. I think he prefers regular Oreos to the Double-Stuf ones though.

I’m in the same camp as your dad. Regular beat Double Stuff hands down. I’m waiting for 1/2 Stuff, or Stuffless.

Hmmm, now I’m contemplating the ramifications of Negative Stuff Oreos. Or how about iStuff Oreos? Should those be square, or would that make them into -1Stuff Oreos again?

Then there are the flavored stuff Oreos. They have some sort of imaginary flavoring, so maybe that makes them iStuff. Or is it part imaginary, part real? Some sort of Vector Oreo.

Guess that makes the Oreo sticks some sort of Non-Euclidean Stuff Oreos.

Yeah, I’m a mathematician and it’s past my bedtime. If only I had milk and cookies.

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I’m waiting for Nabisco to just sell cookies and stuffing and get out of the preparation business with a press release stating in full: “Just make yourselves happy, we just don’t care anymore.”

No one’s mentioned that Oreos were inferior to Hydrox.

I just figured Harlan Ellison could have the last word on that and I, Double Stuf eater, would carry on with my tooth-encrusted life.

Matter of taste. I prefer oreo cookies but hydrox ice cream.

It clearly says “Stuf” on the packaging.

“Stuf” is 80% of “Stuff”, therefore “Double Stuf” is only 1.6 x more than “Stuff”. 1.86 is, in fact, very generous.

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Do not fill this forum with your scandalous lies!

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