How guards and prosecutors retaliate against solitary confinement prisoners who blow the whistle

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How many times do we have to read this story? I’m sure the Party of Personal Responsibility is all over these guards and demanding justice, right?


What do you think the average IQ of a prison guard is?

And is it any surprise that they are employed in this industry?

I know, right? Having to read a story like this even once in a blog I don’t pay for is almost like a kind of… torture

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It kinda doesn’t really matter, Stanford '71 showed that.

Not that I disagree mind you.


I must not have taken enough time to make sense of the title because I read it as, “How prisoners and prosecutors retaliate against guards for use of solitary confinement”. Suffice to say, I was disappointed after reading the full post…


Oh, and while we are on the topic of inmate abuse and prisons I’m going to recommend you listen to this wonderful gem from Lupe Fiasco, it goes through a very interesting change in perspective right around the 5:17 mark.


FTP: It’s more than a network protocol, it’s a way of life.

Often, plus one. Some proponents of life without parole and solitary confinement see an advantage over death penalty: The second one is easier for the convict. The primary function of prison sentences is not vengeance (or shouldn’t be).


Believe it or not, people with below 100 IQ are as capable of moral behavior as anyone else.


“Immoral” as well, and have a nice day!

Lower than a cops, and that can’t be too high…


Certainly, and you should also have a nice day.

But, matter at hand…I gather from your comment that you have a negative opinion of these prison guards (understandably so). You chose to express this negative opinion by pointing out that they’re likely to have low IQs.

To try to keep the conversation as amicable as possible, let me describe your comment as “somewhat elitist” and “perhaps unfair to people with low IQs”. Who, in most cases, probably did not choose to be low IQ any more than gay people seem to choose to be gay.


Week, month, and year, and so forth.

Sorry – I thought I was supposed to call out bigotry. I’ll just let it go next time.


Phew! I thought your point is “I need to stop hearing about it”

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You’re doing fine, where do I send my donation?

You know police / guards are too comfortable in their power when they don’t hesitate to create clear recorded evidence of their vicious brutality and total disregard for law and citizens’ rights.

America needs consequences for the uniformed.


I’m more worried about their level of empathy, to be honest.