WATCH: Florida cop treating handcuffed homeless man like hungry zoo animal

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Unfair description. That kind of behavior would get you kicked out of any zoo in America.


All four of of the cops there are just as culpable. Sitting there, laughing, handing the fuckwit more peanuts to throw at the man.

Four bad apples. Oh hey, there were exactly four cops in the room. Looks like… 100%? What are the odds?


Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores.

Ever called a police officer “stupid” or questioned whether he or she was actually using their brain? If so, you wouldn’t be alone, and you might not even be wrong.

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I get the paid vacation thing when guilt or innocence is in question but in this case, it’s disgusting. The video is quite clear. Fire all four of these assholes.


It’s a due process thing, even if the committee is basically rubber-stamping it, the committee still has to convene.

Of course, the UAW is asking the AFL-CIO to strip police unions of their membership. True story.

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Due process is a legal system construct. It has nothing to do with whether you can fire someone for gross negligence and abuse.


It does in a unionized context. That’s why unions are good for workers. It’s not up for interpretation by one random supervisor. It has to be defined and people need to point to something specific where you get an advocate to represent you in the process. It’s slow, but better than “at-will” work. Besides, this isn’t a vending machine, I don’t need instant gratification.


It’s not just stupidity, it’s that the very nature of a policeman’s job attracts the bullies.

And that’s without question what these assholes were. Not stupid, just run-of-the-mill high school bullies, who have grown up and been given state-sanctioned power to bully.

Honestly, I don’t see anyway out of this problem right now, even with all the attention it’s gotten in the past year. Indeed, this past year is not going to have made a bunch of upstanding young people say “you know what? I want to be a policeman.”

The only solutions I can see are completely impossible, like making police duty akin to jury duty, make it a civic duty we all respect and have to do, and forcing everyone to do it.


Being in a union didn’t stop the immediate firing of this cop

or this one

or this one

I feel like in cases like these the video and gifs really ought to be hidden, and only shown if needed. Try to find pictures of the cops to show off instead, but the headline + gawking at the video just feels… really wrong, in a gross way.

Edit: When the headline for a video of police abusing a man is pretty much the same format as a headline for animals doing cute and funny things, you need to rethink the headline.


Don’t worry they’ll eventually get their jobs back along with back pay. I could post a bunch of links to support that as well, but I’ll leave the googling to you.

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Yup. Authoritarian power structures attract abusers like flies to shit.


normally I expect the police to feed the homeless bullets or maybe batons if in a giving mood, this Florida cop is a true gentleman.

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this is the “desk duty” they’re talking about when they say “on desk duty pending investigation”.

jail cops are the worst of the worst of the pieces of shit. even the other cops know it.

I doubt if there is anything impossible about this. Other than that, I agree. Making politics and enforcement jobs which are not career orient(at)ed is how to avoid abuse.

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