How Joseph McCarthy's trusted aide Roy Cohn became Donald Trump’s mentor


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Christ, what an asshole.


Sounds like Cohn was a politician.


High society’s transsexuals and transvestites in 1977? The author is what we colloquially call, a card. Demi monde perhaps.


He never ran for office.

Fixer? Bag man? Mob lawyer? You decide.


You think our generation invented cross-dressing?


No. Demi monde perhaps. Evening employees most certainly. High society? They weren’t invited as captains of industry, high government officials or because their families were in the social register.

The difference is whether you’re there to enjoy the menu or whether you are the menu.

I’m fairly familiar with Trans history. Wrote a few blog posts back in the dark ages.


Hail Hydra!


Holy Fuck, what’s next with tRump?


Sorry, ever since the opening of the russian archives post-1989, it’s been clear that McCarthy was fundamentally right. There was indeed an organized kgb-directed communist campaign to infiltrate American institutions, including Hollywood. He was not chasing only ghosts but real bad guys and gals.


He might have been chasing them, but he didn’t seem to catch many of them.


Thanks, now I’m irrationally angry and my skin is crawling.


He was “fundamentally right” in the same sense that Trump is “fundamentally right” in saying that all Muslims should be banned from the US, or that I would be “fundamentally right” if I burned down your house to get rid of that pesky ant infestation. Perhaps there were some Communist sympathizers among the hundreds or thousands whose lives he ruined, but McCarthy couldn’t have cared less about catching them. He did what he did to further his own career, and Cohn helped him in a purely cynical grab for power.


This is a fascinating story, had no idea. I’m hardly a Trump supporter, but to be fair, Hillary’s choice of Henry Kissinger as mentor and family friend is hardly Mr. Rogers. As to her campaign’s bare knuckles style, that owes credit to their mastermind David Brock, better known for writing an entire book to discredit Anita Hill so everyone’s favorite Justice Clarence Thomas could be confirmed.


There was an interesting HBO movie about him, Citizen Cohn. James Woods played the lead. It wasn’t sympathetic and dealt with the bodies his work left in its wake.


Alternative caption:
“Give me some sugar baby”.


And we didn’t have some kind of organized campaign against them? I don’t believe that for a second. Authoritarianism flourished on all sides of the cold war, US propaganda notwithstanding.


The Soviets did have the advantage of having an agent running the Russian Desk in the UK.


Not true at all. There was an organized KGB directed communist campaign all right. But it penetrated high level government agencies. In most ways it was successful from the late 40’s to mid 1970’s.

McCarthy’s targets were mostly organized labor, entertainers, academia, and Jewish and black advocacy groups. Traditional American liberals. Most Americans were indifferent to these attacks. It wasn’t until McCarthy went after the military that people really got steamed up over his antics.


He had a major role in Angels in America, too.

Very much worth watching.