How loud would it be if all of the cats in the world meowed at the same time?


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Catastrophically loud, I would think.


What does Randall Munroe think? He hasn’t done this one yet.


You had me at meow.


OH man… I am not sure if you deserve a badge or a time out for that.


Ah, that’s nothin. We had a cat (RIP) who was tiny but louder than a jet engine. Well, it seemed like it. She used to yodel over her water bowl, which I never figured out. Maybe sonar to see how far away the surface of the water was?



yeah, we have one of those… runt of the little, but loud as heck… likes to walk around the house at 3a yeowling… probably trying to find the other cat - “Sammy? Where are you?? Where are you, Sammy???”


I have one that does that but carries a toy mouse. She’s looking for someone to throw it for her so she can play fetch (which she does all the time).


Simulating scenarios such as this, folks, is precisely why we have DMT.


Using science to reckon up a louder clowder!


You have won the Internet for today :smiley_cat:


My loudest cat is deaf. She yowls constantly because it gets our attention, but she has no sense of volume. The other cats only vocalize loud enough to achieve their goals. We joke about yelling being Marshmallow’s hobby.




Or she’s boasting. I think that’s what ours is doing when he meows around a mouthful of toy mouse. “Look what I caught!!”


I would assume it wouldn’t be any louder than the normal environmental background noise, unless all cats were also collected in the same place. In which case the meowing would be the least of your problems.


There is, actually, a “What If?” that’s pretty close to that one…


I thought it would be a catcophony, but you win. :smile_cat:


Both would work to describe this theoretical caterwaul.


Obligatory: a quote from the Sandman story “A Dream of a Thousand Cats”: