How low will America’s tabloids stoop to derail Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign?


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Self Selection? People who read this conspiracy trash are already Trump’s people.


Can you imagine all the slime the checkout-counter press would be able to paint on Bernie Sanders??

No? Me, neither.


I can. His wife (for example) has a rather tainted reputation in academic circles.


They have no bottom


That does it. I’m definitely not voting for Bill Clinton in the 2016 election.


this is from the respected source five thirty eight. how? why? hillary on her deathbed and soon to be indicted for high treason? crice sakes.


If there’s anything I want to read less than the obviously idiotic, histrionic, “Buy Me NOW!” tabloids, it’s a piece by someone describing the idiotic, histrionic tabloids.



What I want to know is how Putin is doing this


What? What kind of publications do you think these are? The Chronicle of Higher Ed.? :joy:

I’m sorry, but when was the last time you saw one of these rags breathlessly report on self-plaigarism or padding a resume? I’m not saying that Bernie (or any politician) can’t be scandalized by them, but these people are looking for dirt, not news. If Sanders was the nominee, Fox news would be talking about her failings as a college president and these tabloids would be talking about how she has a secret penis growing out of her belly-button (WITH PICTURES!!!).


What kind of publications do you think these are? The Chronicle of Higher Ed.?

The CHE changed to tabloid format a couple of years ago. What, you don’t have these at your supermarket checkout counter? At our market today the non-academic tabloids on display had stories on Princess Diana and on some English singer. Nothing on HRC.


OMG Not only did she flunk a lie detector test!?!?

Luckily I haven’t learned from reading boingboing over the years that lie detector tests aren’t to be trusted.

Hey it’s probably bullshit, but a reasonable consistency is the hobgoblin of anyone trying to score points.


Yeah. Is this the author’s first orbit around the sun? Also, why make himself feel superior jumping on the tabloids, when he could give a more constructive critique to the Rags-That-Pretend-To-Be-The-Silken-Swift, like NYT, Wapo, etc? Oh, that’s right he wrote it BB, the Reader’s Digest of the Wired demog. Christ, I miss Mondo 2000.


And… in pointing out the misinformation, isn’t this blog post inadvertantly amplifying it? This stuff is just viral, mental junk-food. Don’t feed the trolls. Wherever there’s a low-information audience/demographic lacking critical thinking skills, there’s an ethically-challenged industry there ready to exploit it. You’ll pretty much never be able to reason these people out of their basic ignorance, fears, sexism and bigotry. Sadly, same as it ever was.


Not to worry, Peter. Clinton is gonna crush Trump like a bug.

I read it here

and here

and here

and here


The people that buy Enquirer LOVE academic gossip.


Wait. You think tabloid pressholes would not be able to come up with lies about someone… if the subject-target was Bernie Sanders?

How would he be immune? Do you think Bernie has some magic deflector spell that would somehow keep professional lying sensationalists from lying sensationally about him?

I mean, you do know the Harry Potter books/movies were not a documentary, right?


That is insane. For fucks sake.


After the primaries, the U.S. presidential election pretty much adopts a sports match mentality. Anyone who thinks Trump’s viability rests on his own personal integrity hasn’t been paying attention to U.S. politics.

This is also why the debates amount to fuck-all. Clinton can only lose ground, since Trump’s adamant supporters do not give one-tenth a fuck about truth or competence.

(ETA— Source: I’m a native U.S. citizen.)