How many times did Trump say 'excuse me' at the latest GOP Town Hall?

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Just what you’d expect from such a polite guy.


And now:

How many times do you think he meant it?


Ain’t it odd how that guy thinks that ‘common courtesy’ should be applied to him at all times without fail, yet he has little to none for anyone else?

Trump meant it every time.

But how many times did we actually excuse him? A lot fewer.

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My impression of Trump during that GOP Town Hall, was that of a phony psychic (the only kind there is), who was trying to do a cold reading on Anderson Cooper, and failing at it badly. He’d throw out an answer to test the water, and if it didn’t get the reaction he wanted, he’d modify it, or just ignore it and move on. I half expected him to say “I’m seeing the letter K. Does the letter K have any special meaning to anyone? No? How about the month of September?”


All cons can be broken down along some basic lines.

Feeling out a reporter is much like feeling out a potential home buyer.

Do they like pools. Do they like views. Do they have kids…

He’s just doing the same thing with the American people. He’s heard about them. Great things. Many great things… But he’s coming to the sad conclusion he’s kinda out of touch with the common people

Like… What they talk about or care about or do with their time.

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This is all I see in my head as I read this.


I have no idea what that’s from, and I’m pretty sure my life is the better for it.

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A lot of people mistake Trump for a narcissist. That’s a disorder.

Trump is a Trump Supremacist. It’s a political ideology. An ethos.

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Maybe. I think it could just be more of an attitude. Born of a disorder.


Dude, at least…

17,000. That was the right answer when I was guessing the price of a pinball table recently, so it’s probably right.

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