How much would a star destroyer cost?


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Kushner helped clinch $110 Billion Saudi Arabia arms deal with Lockheed before Trump's visit to kingdom

About a Zillion galactic credit standards, I reckon.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Does that figure account for inflation?


I can hear the GOP now… “When can we start building it?”


It’s cheaper than the Wall.


Good thing it’s a galactic empire to spread the cost among hundreds of planets (that they haven’t blown up yet).


That is the wrong question. The question we should be asking, “Can we afford NOT to build a Star Destroyer and let the Rebel scum cavort around the galaxy, spreading their filth and lies?”


Soooooo, what you’re saying is that the Emperor was a job creator?


Did they figure in that a star destroyer has technologies that don’t exist yet here on earth?

Hyperdrives, deflector shields, etc. etc. etc

Really asking. Can’t watch the video right now.


Good point. What if hyper drives are just made of lost dryer socks, bellybutton lint, and a cat in a box?


fixed it for ya :smile:


“Mr. President . . . we cannot allow . . . a Star Destroyer DEFICIT!”


You’re presuming there will be Space Muslims to bomb in this hypothetical future.

From Rogue One, we know there’s Mexicans, so maybe that’s close enough?


Easy, MacGyver. It can’t be that simple or somebody would have invented it already.




but Rogue One was a long time ago…


OK then.  


Er, the video estimates Earth’s economy at 60 trillion. They estimate one Star Destroyer at 225 million bucks based on their estimate of the relative value of the galactic credit to USD and the in-universe cost of one in galactic credits (which I assume they got from some of the EU stuff). They don’t estimate how much it would cost us to build just one.


Well, thousands of people go missing every year. Little do we realize they haphazardly made a Hyperdrive Engine and ended up light years away in an instant.


Got it.


One Triganic Pu.