How New Order's "Blue Monday" came to be

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Havin Blue Monday and How Soon is Now on your party mix tape in the 1980s was the ultimate expression of cool.


Video link for the BBS


I really like and subscribe to this series, and this was one of my favorites. While I never particularly gravitated to this song (have about a dozen New Order songs I do like), I find the history of how it all came together fascinating. A reminder for me to not be so hasty in judging new music through arbitrary lenses. Even outside of music, looking at anything with the proverbial rose tinted glasses.

Nothing to add, just an excuse to post this:


I’d enjoyed that version for quite a while, but was always sorely disappointed that I couldn’t find anything else by the same group. Then several months ago I looked again and found out that somebody had found the entire story.
In that post there’s even a link to the original edited but not-yet-color-corrected version of the video (I won’t include it here so as to preserve the mystery.)


Also apropros of nothing,


I was never impressed by the original version, but Orgy’s cover was outstanding:


Hey, how about that? I’ve been looking for this off and on. I heard it on the car radio many years ago thought it was a New Order remix involving Billy Corgan. Thank you for posting the vid.

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If you’re interested in New Order, there’s a great documentary/concert film on the band on Showtime.

Well worth a watch.

I was supposed to see New Order on tour (with Pet Shop Boys!) last year, but, well… you know.


Is it really New Order without Peter Hook, tho?

Either way, have they rescheduled the tour yet?


It’s been rescheduled for this October. I’m actually glad this one got rescheduled and not canceled because I was able to score front row tickets through Ticketmaster (:face_vomiting:) against all odds and I don’t want to go through that again.

I haven’t seen NO live before, but I have seen PSB back in 2009 and they were amazingly good. Good enough that I’d see them live again on their own, but co-headlining with New Order is especially worth it for me.

Downside is it’s in BC (which in my geographic situation is actually preferable to WA show) so hopefully the border is open by then.

Obviously these things weren’t a part of the calculus when the tickets were originally booked.

As far as the lineup changes enough of the original group is in place that I’m OK with that.


Also having to be anywhere near that total arsehole (Hook) is not something I’d force on people for the integrity of my enjoyment.

They’re fine without him and, just maybe, they can get a bass player to put some fucking bottom end in it? It’s kind of amazing how much time the video above spent gushing about Hook and how little talking about the synth and drums which are the actual bedrock of the song. Particularly the synths. Just didn’t get round to mention them apart from briefly saying the bas was an octave arpeggio on one.


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