How the creator of NYPD Blue gambled aways his $100 million fortune


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1 billion hours played of Civilization

It feels kinda scummy to report on the losses of an addict without the addicts involvement in the story. Is this just schadenfreude?


“But his fondness for horse racing wiped him out”

Hay-burners will do that…


“A fondness for horse racing” means you watch it on the telly. Losing >$100 betting on horse racing means you have a pathological problem. That gambling establishments allow people to destroy themselves in a way that requires very direct participation on their part (far more so than, say, alcohol) certainly suggests an avenue for reform.


That would apply to an extensive list of vices that are currently available to the general public. I wish you the most sincerest luck on your quest, Sir or Madam.


This is really sad to hear. Didn’t they just announce that a Deadwood movie will be happening? Maybe that will give him some relief.


He’s also known in the film industry as being extremely generous to other writers in both advice, mentorship, story ideas, and sometimes (when they’re down on their luck or on strike) in cash. I’m sure some of them will read this story and ask him if they can help.

Like a lot of talented artists Milch has his demons, and it’s sad that his addiction to gambling has been so disastrous to him and his family.


That’s odd, I don’t recall reading about the millions of non-wealthy gambling addicts in… well… a very long time. I guess it’s only a real problem if it ruins an important life.


I’m betting he lost it by testing his luck on the floor amongst the games of chance.


It would if prohibition of self-destructive but consensual behavior was effective. Unfortunately the only effect of outlawing gambling is to make it untaxable.

From what I’ve seen of addicts, the best way to keep them away from their vice is to keep them working. As long as they have something to focus on, it can often help distract them from the self-destructive thing in which they seek comfort.

Relationships…family, friends, loved ones…also provide a focus, but can’t really substitute for doing something that makes them feel productive and needed.


I think it’s more that the amount lost is so absurdly appallingly huge.


Damn i wish i could remember the famous gambler who said it. It is mentioned in the Ti Thompson biography.
But it goes along the lines of “How do you make ten thousand dollars in horse racing? Start with one hundred thousand.”


What kind of reform are you imagining? Walgreens allows me to destroy my teeth with their candy aisle.


Fallacy of relative privation.


It’s not the betting on horses. It’s that he was bad at it. Unlike Vegas games, in parimutuel horse racing, there is no house advantage. They simply take a small slice of every bet, without having any financial stake in any particular horse. So rather than beating the odds, you have to be able to beat the other bettors. That’s why Professional Horse Player is an actual job, but Professional Roulette Player isn’t.


How much does a pack of cigarettes cost these days?


What? WHAT??? Is this true? Do you have links to confirm?


Now the Milches must get by on David’s HBO earnings, believed to be in
the low-seven figures, and residuals, minus their payments to the IRS.

So a rich person is now slightly less rich. So sad…


Something does not add up. He made $100 million, owes the IRS $17 million, owns two homes worth $13 million, lost $25 million gambling between 2000 and 2011. There’s a gap of $60 million.

Seems to me that he gambled away a large chunk of his fortune, but not all of it. The article’s title gives the impression that he’s broke. The way it’s quoted, we get the impression that the IRS is only allowing him $40 a week.

In actual fact, his wife caught on and put a stop to it before he was completely broke. Written from that angle, the story would be more positive. :slightly_smiling:


When I first heard about it, they made it sound like a guarantee. I thought they had commitments from the various actors, etc. But after googling around - looks like HBO is up for it, and Milch is interested, but there isn’t even a script yet. So…maybe?