How The Damned wrote and recorded New Rose

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It did contain a few small but interesting nuggets of information.

But a ‘longer read’ or a ‘deep dive’? Attention spans seem to be shortening by the nanosecond. Took me between 2 and 3 minutes to read (wasn’t expecting to use the second hand on my clock!)

(And from The Guardian of all places, that regularly has in-depth articles actually flagged as the ‘Long Read’.)

Call me when The Damned do a Mastertapes which has produced some interesting insights in the past. Those interested in modern musical artistes’ processes and behind-the scenes glimpses should check it out.

ETA The Guardian does this kind of article weekly and historical articles are on their website - many are musical, but by no means all. The film 2001 was a recent one, I think.

Edited some more to note that THIS article from The Guardian’s "How We Made’ series will likely go down well here, given its recent exposure on BB. (Hint: It’s Totolly African.)


During the middle of my 88-92 high-school tenure I used to wander around downtown Nashville from my school on 7th to a particular junk-shop warehouse thing with no name on 2nd Av. All kinds of weird stuff just piled everywhere, including the inevitable bin of LPs. For my punk interests, I was already on a steady diet of Nevermind the Bollocks, the Dead Milkmen, Black Flag, Minor Threat and what-have-you when I pulled this one out of the bin

so, a greatest hits package. the sticker said $1.50. It was, and remains, money incredibly well-spent.

One caveat about the article:

the journalist Caroline Coon coined the term “punk rock”

[citation fucking needed]


damn, that’s a great video.

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the best. the world needs music like this. a good kick in the pants and what what.

Indeed! In my own research, the earliest use of the term I found, to describe a kind of rock music, was Lester Bangs and Greg Shaw (Bomp!). I think there might have been one other guy writing for Creem who used it before them, but they certainly popularized it. Shaw used it to describe 60s so cal garage rock, and Bangs used it to describe the MC5 - this was both in 70 or 71, I think. Might have been as early as 69, though.


Ya, in their book Please Kill Me, Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain toe the line that McNeil & co. coined the term for their Punk magazine, which would have pre-dated any usage in the UK, but then I found out Bangs and the Creem squad were using it before then (but how regularly I don’t know) and they weren’t the first, either. It was probably the Punk fanzine that made the term a meme in the NY scene, though, and then the UK scene got it from them and made punk a worldwide meme. Malclom Maclaren is the probable vector for that transmission. Complicated.


Indeed! He had a foot in both scenes for a while, as he was manager for the NY Dolls for a time. And you can see NYT rock critics begin to use punk regularly by 73 or 74, if I’m remembering correctly. Punk magazine didn’t begin publishing until 76…


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