How the Trump administration is putting public records under threat, so history may never know the awful things they did

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Remember folks, this can be changed.
It starts with a simple message:

A true Leader and Statesman wouldn’t be afraid of records. A true Statesman would keep meticulous records, as they would show everyone how great they are.

That’ll bait the idiot.

And because he’s a moron who can’t think beyond himself and his own enrichment, you know that he’ll put it in front of the public eye more. He should leave it, but he just can’t pass up these kinds of things.

So we start fixing this by making him do half the advertising for us. Call your representatives and ask them for public comments on this issue. Goad the idiot into doing something idiotic. It really won’t be difficult…


Funny how the party of “we want government so small you can drown it in a bathtub!” has morphed into the party that expands government oversight and clandestine powers. A party so fiscally conservative that they’ve contributed nearly 16 trillion dollars to the $22 trillion dollar national debt over the last 20 years. The party of “Christian” values who picked the most reprehensible person possible who… yeah, you get the point.

It’s more than a little terrifying to think of what comes next. Let’s just say democrats retake the presidency, far fetched as that feels at the moment, it’s no less frightening to think of the power that will now be handed to the next person, and the one after them… the republicans began something truly, truly terrifying with Trumpty Dumpty, and don’t seem to care one lick about what comes next. It’s almost as if they don’t believe there will be a “next”…



He’s waiting for his second term to rename the National Archives to “The Department of the Most Luxurious, Really the Best, Truth”.


The goal of “small government” only ever applied to the parts of government that help ordinary people.


I know when I think I’m doing a great job, I immediately destroy all evidence of the fact. Keep them guessing.

I repeat again…


Seriously. This is fucked up and will warp our historical record. This shit matters folks… This is what happens when you constantly and consistently cut funding for humanities education. This is what happens when you have public figures attack institutions of higher learning for decades.


Just because they want to murder things in bathtubs doesn’t mean they want any witnesses.



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