How to become a minimalist in 30 days



My favourite from the splendid piece you linked to, which still makes me giggle like a child every time I see it…

  • Replace your couch with a pile of the least frustrated lentils you can find; no more than seven lentils.


Sure, you can become a minimalist in 24 hours with a book of matches and a jerry can of gasoline.

Just remember a modern minimalist needs to be able to afford to buy anything they need whenever they actually need it. A poor person who has few or no possessions is tacky - so make sure your fire insurance is up to date!


Very good observation. So it’s really about quantity vs quality. At least for some. I like that way of thinking to be honest. I’d rather have one nice item rather than a bunch of junky plastic versions of the item.

I just don’t like anything where the adherent get that cult like glazed look in their eyes. I guess maybe I am a closet minimalist. Live a simple life with well made quality items and skip the proselytize aspects.


Have you checked the BoingBoing store?


Minimalism is neat.

For other people. I like my classic toy trains and Japanese toy robot model spaceship collection(s).

I also really like my books.



We decided to be minimalist and only have one kid. We still haven’t decided which one to keep though.


I suggest running them off against each other in a competition. “Remember kids, love is conditional!”


I like @danegeld idea. Get a go pro and tell the kids they are on a reality TV show: Last Kid Standing


If I ever have kids, I’ll keep the spare bedroom filled with the pretend belongings of our child’s fictional elder sister, whom ‘we had to let go’ because her school reports ‘weren’t good enough’ to serve as a warning.


That’s brilliant. Using the power of myth to enhance grades and other related behaviors. Funny thing, when I was 42 my dad told me for the first time about an older brother that I never new about.


Only a disorganized slob allows the facial clutter of eyebrows.


When I have a kid, I want to buy one of those strollers for twins. Then put the kid in and run around, looking frantic.

When he gets older, I’d tell him he used to have a brother, but he didn’t obey.

– Stephen Wright


I hate stuff. I got rid of so much crap when I sold my house.

I’ve been seriously debating whether to keep my storage locker- It has a few instruments, a bunch of tools, a couple boxes of old photographs, and several boxes of books and media.

Everything else fits in my rented room- Aside from a few pieces of furniture (computer desk, drawing/craft desk, bed, chair, nightstand, stool) and some clothes and toiletries, I own nothing but tools: Recording setup and instruments, leatherworking stuff, art supplies and canvas, easel, a few reference books, laptop(s), and a toolbox.

Plus a bunch of art which is ostensibly for sale and just hanging because it seemed like the best way to store it.

The plan is to start the bus => RV/Tiny Home conversion in April and be moved into by September.

It’s just SO HARD to minimize creative tools and supplies…


Getting rid of the literally thousands of books we’d accumulated was the most painful part of paring down.

But then I remembered that there are libraries, so all the fiction went away because I can go check a copy out any time I get the urge to reread something.

And the internet is a thing, so nearly all the reference books went because I can access more up to date versions of that info instantly.

That left a couple boxes of rare or signed stuff, the couple novels I’ll read another hundred times, and the handful of reference books I check on a daily basis. That stuff I kept, although 2 of the 3 boxes are in my storage locker.

This leaves me only the problem that I’m not surrounded by books- Which is both disconcerting-

and apparently liable to keep me from getting laid by the kind of people I’d like to get laid by.


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