How to construct a bow and arrows using only primitive stone tools

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Little known fact: If you wear a shirt, it doesn’t work. Whole thing just falls apart.


I was just watching this one last night. Almost got an ASMR feel from it, the bugs buzzing and clicking. The repetitive arrow shooting. Caveat: I was quite faded.

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Obviously he doesn’t know you can’t discover archery until about 2500 BC in Civilization.


Yes! It’s the closest I’ve gotten to understanding that appeal. It’s just ambient sound and a guy doing things from absolute scratch (seriously, if he needs to carry water there’s a side quest where he fires some pots.)

There’s an (unofficial) subreddit that should get you through the gaps b/t releases.


Do I need to wear a green suit to fire it though? Do I have to grow a goatee?

Really cool to watch.

I wonder how much gets edited out: How many branches did he ruin before he split this one perfectly down the middle? How many different plants did he go through before he managed to get the bark off that one for ropemaking?

(None of that would take away from how interesting it is to see his process… but it might be important if you were trying to use that process in a survival situation.)


A lot I am sure.

This was primitive man’s desk job.


Slings are my choice for primitive weapons… Easy to make. Ammo is free. They are deadly as all get out…

Plus when facing one person or a million they will work equally well for me.

I will whirl it around wildly and hit myself in the head, instantly knocking myself unconscious, fooling my enemies into believing they have witnessed my most hilarious demise.

I call it ‘playing possum’.


It depends how kind the RNG is.

I once had a game go nearly perfectly and I had nukes and tanks when the AI civs were just discovering knights. I can’t remember what year it was in the game though.

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For what it’s worth, FNQ (Far North Queensland) is definitely a real place, just like “The South” in the US - the exact boundaries are a matter of debate, and it won’t show up neatly labeled if you type it into google maps, but you don’t need to air quote it.


Thank you @Church for that link. I have been just watching random videos of his but knowing some back story would be cool.

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That’s not too hard on settler level.

These videos are fantastic. I like how he’s doesn’t speak.

Now want to make a mud oven for my back yard.


Actually, that house is pretty high-tech for far north Queensland :kissing:

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I just realized something when watching his videos again today: where does he do this stuff? Like, is Australia just way more lenient about natural resources than the US, where you can get in trouble for even removing a stick from a national or state park? Does he just happen to own enough land suitable for this stuff? Did he buy the land just to play around with it?

I think it was on Prince level. It definitely wasn’t King level (I could never manage to win) and I had moved on from Warlord level a while earlier.

I still think it had less to do with skill though and that it was more that the RNG was incredibly kind to me.

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Why does he need underfloor heating in a place where the average daily low temperature is 21C?

Awwww yis.

Best channel on youtube.

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Yeah, must be neat to have some woodland nearby where you can do this stuff without anyone complaining. Also clearly life is much simpler if ambient temperatures are lenient…

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