How to convince people you are from Iceland


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Intriguing, but I think she may well be sprouting a lot of deep-seeded nonsense.


As I’ve no idea what an Icelandic accent sounds like, you could convince me by telling me you’re from Iceland while sounding like a Norwegian – i.e., speaking faultless English with the slightest suggestion of a Scandinavian intonation.


Wait, wait, we are missing a step. Shouldn’t we first need a reason to convince someone we are from Iceland?


Wut? You’re saying you don’t wish you were from the same place as Bjork?!


That’s how you know she’s from Iceland


Probably not. I’d like to visit. I don’t want to lie about it. I guess if I got cast to play Bjork in a bio pic, but we look nothing alike.


Who knew that when Icelanders speak, plants emerge from their mouths! It must be a lot of work editing that out of Bjork videos.


our economy is very stable



I do, I just wish I knew the name of the planet.


Just the line I needed for my new song, Thanks!



That does look like a lovely planet!


I’m unclear if this is to sound like an Icelander or to sound like Björk (who is actually an alien/álfar). It seems more like the latter.



In most European countries they have legendary medieval heroes who were mighty warriors, wise kings. In Iceland, it’s a lawyer. Things are different there.



Things are different in the modern US. In many societies lawgivers are heroes and part of the founding myths, like King Arthur, Solon or Hammurabi. They give laws and structure to chaotic societies. Kings are lawgivers and the concept of the King’s justice is important. Iceland seems to be typical in this respect.
Edit - missed out signatories to the US Constitution, what was I thinking?

Perhaps the myths about Skanki-the-patent-law-troll, Belchface the Overweening Prosecutor, Skaug the Private Prison Investor and Pren-da the Scroll Copying Douchebag just got conveniently lost when the myths were being collated, but certainly by the Middle Ages some parts of the legal profession in many countries had acquired its present reputation.


I don’t know, we once had a judge jokingly mention The Devil and Daniel Webster as possible precedent in an opinion.