Iceland's powerful Elf Lobby wins fight to unearth Elfin Lady Stone buried by construction workers


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I’d worry about other Icelandic denizens…





Ah, Hal Hartley! I get the feeling I saw this. It looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it…


I chuckled while reading this but then wondered what it would be like if our Christian fundies could exert this much control over our public works based on the “feelings” of invisible friends.


Have you seen the headquarters of the Earth Liberation Front? Now, that’s a powerful ELF Lobby.


Mock away, mockers. We’ll see who’s laughing when they take your children beneath the hill.


How many other actresses have been in two Icelandic movies based on Beowulf?



Sure they dug it out and hosed it off, but the Elves are weeping. It will never be what it was.


I wonder…


And Iceland’s volcanoes are stirring–Katla is experience seismic activity. Coincidence?


Iceland has elf protection. We have christian protection.


Just another benefit of socialized elf care.


It’s elf and safety gone mad, I tell you!


The Norwegians take a different approach.


My (now 74 yo) dad used to tell me a joke about an elf village being repeatedly run over by idiots diving Mini Mokes.

It all ended well when they put up a sign saying “Moking is an Elf hazard”.

Ever since, this has been the benchmark by which I’ve judged dad jokes.


Do they take this seriously or is this all tongue and cheek?


That’s also what I wonder about the Japanese and their kami.