How to Disable More Animation?


I’ve been using OS X because I had trouble with device and driver support on Ubuntu Linux. (As in Canonical certified Toshiba laptops with screens too bright to look at and squeals, as well as Alps touchpads without Linux drivers, because of a hack that treated those devices as PS/2 mice, and which prevent configuration and accessibility fixes.) and with the push to force users from Gnome 2 into Unity and from functional scollbars into broken ones because Shuttleworth can use scrollwheels.

I’d like to be able to disable more animation. I don’t want to deal with bounding icons. I don’t want to deal with shaking icons. I don’t want an app that scrolls its window in and back out as I switch from one tab to another. I don’t want to deal with a support site that insists on scrolling things left and right and hurting my eyes.

I have arm injuries, so I need a fix without too much more work/arm pain.

I don’t have enough free space to install an extra system, unless I can sort out the remaining file conversions, deduplications, etc. I have been using DupeGuru. I don’t have the kind of coordination for touchscreens or command-line interfaces. I definitely have too much arm pain for command-line interfaces.

Also, why does that blue box pop up? I can’t stop it. I can’t usually close it because I can’t usually reach the top corners of it because it doesn’t fit in the window…

P.S. I tried contacting Apple, but was turned away because I can’t use a FUCKING PHONING PAIN!!!

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