Mac users: replace your dock with StatusDuck


I would ask why, but then I’d have to ask why not.

So, that’s $15 they’re paying me to make my OS harder to use, right?

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Ah, a feature from Windows and Linux. Good job, team. :slight_smile:

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Why do Linux users always consider the window manager to be part of “Linux”?

They don’t usually. A lot of Linux window management solutions don’t do this as well.

However, the major windows-as-metaphor solutions do.


I kinda

I kinda want this now that I know it exists. DEMO TIME.

edit. Okay no I do not actually want it now that I’ve tried it.

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Does it let you hide the menu bar? With a switch on the menu bar to turn hiding on or off quickly?

If you are looking for a solution for hiding the menu bar - I know I was for ages - check out MenuAndDockless. Doesn’t work with Carbon apps, but pretty awesome otherwise.

It does seem like it’s just turning the menu bar into the windows taskbar.

I’ve always been fond of the menu bar as a consistent place for, you know, menu items. The fact that it’s also been used for applications running in the background that you don’t want to take up Dock space has been nice, as well. Moving EVERYTHING to the menu bar? No thanks.

Ack, no!

That is what Launchpad is for. The dock is for stuff that you have running or stuff you use all the time, which is mostly one and the same.

I just have an issue with it being stated as “a feature from Windows and Linux” when it is really: “a feature that may have started in Windows but was seen as valuable by users of other operating systems including Linux, The BSDs etc. and therefore got used in several window managers that you may or may not use in these OS’s at your choice.”

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