How to gift-wrap a cat for Christmas




That is an old, patient kitty :smiley_cat:


My wrapping paper would look like shredded packing when I was done.


That’s what I was thinking. Not a young cat, gauging from the stiff-kneed walk alone.


We have an old Maine coon who would probably love that…

Huffing Boing Boing

When the bow goes on, you can see the cat’s soliloquy: “The indignity …”


So would my hands and forearms.


Disagreement with a cat is a cheaper version of aesthetic scarring.


Be a lot quicker to just vacuum pack.


You’re doing it wrong . . . the key is to make a snug tube of the wrapping, and wait for the cat to naturally crawl in there of its own curiosity.


some interesting Christmas gift ideas for everybody.the Sphero Ollie is good for cats as well, I think


Is there enough wrapping paper in the world to cover a Maine Coon? :wink:


This fellow is huge, but svelte, so just need a long enough piece…
Now, our anxiety-eating-grey-tabby would require a few rolls of paper.


Easier than that, really.

  1. Set out large box.
  2. Wait for the cat to find it.
  3. Done!


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