How to hear the true sound of your own voice without recording it


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Don’t you still get the direct vibration through your skull doing this?


I was told recently I sound like James Earl Jones on acid, but to be fair we were hella high.


All you need do it put two thick boards, magazines or notebooks either side of your face — but it’s nicer it takes 30-40 times longer listening to him explain.


a vocal coach who chooses to record only the left channel, with nice big hump in the upper bass. Hmm.


So you sound like regular James Earl Jones when not high?


Also, turn off auto-focus! I get that the wall has a nice texture, but I’d love to see the speaker actually in focus.


No, I sound like one on acid all the time.


Sounds like a pretty adventurous lifestyle. :wink:


Now I have an image of you saying “Where’s Major Kong?” as Slim Pickens plummets to his doom.


I say that like every night at Happy Hour.


Drink responsibly.

(Zero Hour for Slim Pickens.)


It’s not perfect but it does get fairly close to “reality”. I do wonder at the acoustics. It’s surely not dampening the skull vibrations, so my guess is that the paper acts as a diaphragm to enhance the highs in compensation. But it only works if it’s in front of the ears. This suggests that it’s “blocking” something between your mouth and your ears, but I doubt it really is. There’s some counterintuitive thing going on somewhere, I’m certain. Interesting!


You beat me to it. I thought my earbuds were broken.


I would rather not


Instructions unclear, dick stuck in magazine.

In all seriousness, I tried it and it didn’t work. This merely emulates the effect by reducing the direct sounds; the reflected sounds from walls and floors reduce some of the bassiness, but there is still the bone conductivity to deal with. Unless you can replace your skull bone by some soft, paddy material this is not going to work.

What is wrong with using the microphone on your laptop or smart phone to record yourself? Presumably you already watched this video on such a device.


Instant feedback? I’m MtF transgender so I am attempting to make some fairly dramatic changes to my voice. On initial trials, this method seems to work decently for me, although I need to check against a recording. As long as it’s close, that’s good enough for right now as I try to get things into the desired ballpark. Right now, I’m still trying to get the basics of altering the resonance of my voice.

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