How to invite someone out for a lovely afternoon

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Playing loud! All by my lonesome down here 3 floors below the street! Might just be time for some lunch too!


When we were kids, our dad insisted that my brother and I keep a radio-alarm in our bedroom (that since bro and I needed to get up well before our folks; no wakin’ up the kids for him). The first time I heard ‘Up, Up and Away’ was on one of those wake-ups. I stayed in bed, soaked up the entire song, and fell in love with The 5th Dimension.


The only thing more relaxing than listening to a 5th Dimension song is watching them sing it. Thanks.


Needs more sitar… (don’t really click that, it isn’t good, possibly hilarious depending on your sense of humor though)

I will see myself out now.
Tip your server and try the veal.

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Can I take a rain check?


I’ve always been fond of this cover of the song.

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Sorry, but I had to laugh at 0:20. It was like a tongue-in-cheek parody! Still, it’s infinitely easier to swallow than Willian Shatner’s ‘Rocket Man’.


Years ago, I saw a balloon way off course in my neighborhood. It almost hit the power lines, and I figured that’s why most of those trips include a free bottle of wine. :scream: :wine_glass: :woozy_face:


That’s brilliant. Thank you!

My love for one of their songs was changed by the book Sing Along with MAD. There was a parody of “Aquarius” with the title “The Smog of Los Angeles*,” and I can’t get the alternate lyrics out of my head:

When the sun is blotted out of sight
and both your eyes begin to burn
and you can’t see the freeway
to make that left hand turn

You know you’re driving in the
Smog of Los Angeles
Smog of Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los An-ge-les!


I totally missed that one!

Then there’s the ‘eyebrow-raiser’ I noticed in The 5th D’s “One Less Bell To Answer”, where the great Marilyn McCoo laments being abandoned by her man:

“One less bell to answer
One less egg to fry”

I always figured the guy left her because he was starving. One egg? Was that all? :wink:


I remember being confused by the line after that…

One less man to pick up after

Little me thought, “Why can’t he pick up after himself?” :grimacing:


Same here, but he could have had a back problem. And maybe Marilyn over-reacted a touch and the guy just went out for a pastrami sandwich. :wink:

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After what he got served at the “Stoned Soul Picnic,” who could blame him? :laughing:

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