How to lace up your Vans


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if they’re lo top vans like the eras or the ones pictured in that video, no laces at all is the way to go. its wicked comfortable & theres really no difference in the way the shoe stays to your foot. sometimes you need to give them a couple days before they stop “flip-flopping” against your heel but its worth it. in my opinion anyway. :v:

Oh, I guess I’ve been doing it wrong.


Yes to the ‘what laces’ reaction. The whole point of ‘Vans’ to me is not needing them at all. Simple, comfortable, great for cycling in platform pedals.

(Disclaimer: I am not a skater.)


That system is ridiculous. How does one get their foot in there with all those laces in the way?

Anyway, floppy fitting, flat, non-laced shoes with no support are my least favourite. I prefer narrow, snug, firm fitting shoes with arch support and fairly rigid soles that stay with my foot. Every time I have someone help me with shoe sizing they start by measuring my foot and them putting me in shoes that are 2 sizes bigger than my ultimate preference (and purchase).

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I never liked the slipper style vans and felt that without the laces are much too loose. I love the clean look of the bar lacing and I like being able to adjust how tight they are. There were school wide debates about this in elementary and jr high. Also lacing style. Chucks to a lesser extent.


European lacing. Looks about as neat and pulls more evenly. Or ladder lacing if you have a foot that needs uneven tension.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The knot under the toung like the video would be terribly uncomfortable. That is the whole point of the toung! Maybe its a woman thing where looks trump comfort.


If the shoe stays on, then you’ve done it right.


I used to straight-lace all my shoes and boots, until a friend explained why some people were noticing and acting offended or even belligerent. Apparently it’s a signifier used by some of the most disgusting organized racists. If you’re in the US and a member of the ethnic plurality, you might want to think about the risk of sending unintended messages if you use this technique.

First they ruin the Chaplin moustache for everyone, now this?

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Laces? Who uses those anymore? I’m all about the Hickies;

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