How to make a cheese ball machine gun from a leaf blower


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Let me stand back far enough and you can aim it right into my mouth.


Exactly what I want ten minutes after hitting a doobie.


You forgot the, “Hold my beer.”


But what am I gonna drink between shots?


wine. much better with cheese than beer.


Lemme stick onto my other buddy’s car with this car flypaper then let’s see if you can get one in my mouth while we’re goin’ 30 miles per hour!


The German in me does not agree, but the French says “We”.


So I’ve heard but I really don’t like wine and have found that, say, a good IPA pairs nicely with Stilton.


In my humble opine “stilton” goes with everything, including almond butter, my fav.


That sounds magically delicious.


You can have my cheese ball machine gun when you pry it from my sticky, orange fingers!


Maybe not fully automatic. More like a cheesy snack Gatling gun.

My mother managed a Hickory Farms cheese store when I was in high school, so when I saw “cheese ball” in the headline I pictured something very different - and probably more dangerous. :cheese:


Nah, I always wear latex gloves.


Um, Chester says cheesey.

I love this cheese gun.

I literally have cheesy tears in my eyes b/c of how awesome this is…


Tis Sir, tis so unearthly good.


Looks like the hopper lid is puffing out, but he says there is a vacuum???


My engineer brain is telling me that there’s a better way to do this.

A vibratory parts feeder would get the cheese balls in a row without having to rotate a flapper, and this would be conducive to a faster, more steady stream of projectiles emitting therefrom.


not even going to take the bait…

Not going to enter a discussion of “building a better cheeseball gun”…

ARGH!!! Large capacity helical drum/clip with motorized feed/spin (into chamber. Could be run off of a paintball type CO2 cannister. I bet you could dump a few hundred cheeseballs in a couple of seconds once you got the timing synched up properly…


The vacuum exists as long as air is running freely through the pipe. Once a cheese ball falls into the barrel it blocks normal airflow, so you get a pressure buildup.