How to make a DIY blooming marshmallow


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the video alone was exhausting

here’s two way easier DIY hot drinks:

  1. hot water + a couple of ketchup packets + sugar = tomato soup

  2. that + little cup of creamer = tomato bisque


Throw in your pet goldfish and it’s Maryland crab soup!


or a chopped up “chicken” nugget and a couple of fries and it’s Upper Manhattan clam chowder


My mom went to NYC when she was young, and she and her friends were all broke college students who ate at Horn & Hardart automats. Five cents got you a mug for hot water and they made tomato soup with the ketchup packets and salt & pepper.


I’ll just throw in some Peeps and call it good.


Soooooo MUCH better tasting than a blooming raddish!



Also, let’s be entirely clear here, we went from wanting this

to getting this


Though unfortunately not as nice as an good old-fashioned hot chocolate with blooming onion.


Just in time for winter!


I think my insulin spiked just watching that video.


Doesn’t the ketchup have enough sugar in it? Heinz ketchup is 22.8% sugar.

When I didn’t have enough money to live on I used to make pasta with melted margarine and pepper. It was horrible, but when the alternative is to not eat…


a lot of the reviews and recipes out there say more sugar is needed to neutralize the taste of vinegar in the ketchup - tomato paste wouldn’t have this issue as much, but you got to play it as it lies


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